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IT Opportunities in Ontario

About Ontario – brief history, geography and demography

Canada is the world’s second largest country. Located in the continent of North America, Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. The borders of Canada extend from North Pacific Ocean to Arctic Ocean to the North Atlantic Ocean.

Ontario is the second largest province in Canada in terms of area. It is located in central Canada, and its capital is Toronto. The capital of Canada – Ottawa – too is located in Ontario. Four of the five picturesque lakes of Canada are located in Ontario.

Ontario is one of the important financial regions of Canada. Apart from housing the government of Canada, Ontario also boasts of a growing manufacturing industry (especially automobile) and a thriving information and communication technology (ICT).

Information Technology (IT) Scenario in Ontario

Ontario is one of the advanced provinces in Canada. A vibrant economy and industrial growth, coupled with abundant natural resources provide a good opportunity for companies in the information technology sector to sustain here. 
As the IT sector grows, so does the demand for jobs. Information Security Analysts in particular, will have a great demand, as per one survey. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Québec and Nunavut Province will have the highest demand for this skill set. However, as per one survey, the gap between demand and supply in Ontario (and other provinces in Canada) is going to rise. This is because most young people prefer to join Management, Humanities and Health related courses rather than information technology sector. So, the scope for a career in this field is tremendous.

Advantages of Ontario

Ontario provides many advantages to businesses in general, and the information and information communication technology sector in particular. A few of them are:

  • Ontario has one of the highest standards of living in Canada
  • Ontario is home to leading education and research institutes in Canada. It is also a leader in special education programs. The colleges and Universities of Ontario give Canada what they need most – skilled and innovative work force
  • The various R&D centres in the province impart practical experience to students; making them industry ready as soon as they graduate
  • Ontario is the home of the world-acclaimed University of Toronto, Queens University and other leading Universities of Canada
  • 80% of the existing IT talent have a post-secondary degree and are thus well qualified
  • The province is known for its friendliness; the community has diverse ethnicity that lives in harmony
  • One key differentiator is that the salary costs in Ontario are about 25 – 30% less than other comparable jurisdictions

IT Companies in Ontario

A stable economy, a pool of local talent, growing economy and supportive policies of the local government in Ontario augurs well for the information technology sector in this province. There are many Information Technology companies in this region that provide a gamut of services – from information security services to mobile technology development. Ontario is home to leading companies from the world that focus on big data, mobile gaming, cloud computing, security encryption, security assessment, digital media, etc.

Seven of the ten largest IT companies have a R&D Centre in Ontario. The province of Ontario is known for some reputed names in the IT and ICT sector that includes the likes of Blackberry. Other stalwart companies that have a presence in Ontario are SAS Institute Inc which is a world leader in analytics and data mining, the IBM Research Centre, OpenText (one of Canada’s largest software companies), and many more.